A phrase or saying, showing excitement, or readiness for the night. Also, it is a term to start the party.
Mike- we out.
Dom- "Downs Beer"
Ian- "lights blunt"
Berzak- " lights bogie"
James- yo chill
by MikeCough April 1, 2011
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when you are trying to get away from an akward moment and you need to get away like right away you say, preferably loud, "we out"
When your best friend tells you that his girlfriend has a friend for you so you wont be the 3rd wheel and when you all meet up she is ass ugly... you tell you friend 'WE OUT"
by The MD January 14, 2010
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lets go,

we going to
we out to the teenbash on april 23?
by Shunny Shan April 16, 2008
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slang for "lets do the thing we've been talking about"
Jake: Wanna go 69?
Alex: Sure, we out, I'm on top though
by dr roctor June 23, 2017
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A phrase meaning "let's go" or "I'm leaving."

The people that say it will often times say it repeatedly until they're friends finally hear them or decide to leave too.
Jane: K, we out.
Jane: I said, we out.
Jane: C'mon guys! WE OUT!

Jane's friends: chillllll we'll leave in a minute.
by me8888888888888888 June 26, 2010
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Short for “We out here
John: Down for the gym today?
Ryan: At 8:00
John: Bet
Ryan: We out
by Thank me later boyss January 27, 2019
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Something you say when you just planned some fire moves for the night with the fuckin boys, and you hype af ab it.
Chad: “Yoo boys we all are hammering 15 beers tonight no cap “
Ty: “we out
Brad “we out bro”
Nick “fuck ya g we out “
by Thank you boss June 3, 2019
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