Eyeshadow comes in a million different forms. There is powder eyeshadow, creme eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow, smudge eyeshadow, liquid eyeshadow that comes in a tube (usually metallic), the three-tone eyeshadow (one shade for eyelid, one crease, one eyebrow bone)and eyeshadow that comes on a wand and dries on contact.

It is typically worn by girls, and more recently by scene boys. Eyeshadow is great-when used correctly. Eyeshadow, especially black a/o up to the eyebrows, is very dangerous territory.
I got some new gold creme eyeshadow to wear under my brown liquid eyeliner.
by Angelacia June 16, 2007
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A Black Eye. The toll paid daily by coal burners worldwide. White women who sleep with blacks are very likely to wear Multicultural Eyeshadow sometime in their lives.
I've noticed mudsharks always seem to wear Multicultural Eyeshadow.
by ethnat January 18, 2018
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a type of eye makeup favored by scene kids which may sound ridiculous but can be pretty cute when done by the right hands. usually a shimmery yellow, hot pink, and mint green combination.
that rainbow eyeshadow is pretty sexy.
by philphleira nachitaki October 7, 2006
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this is a derivative of the rusty fish hook.
it happens when a misguided fanger hits her eye instead of inside her mouth.

While shagging from behind, insert a finder into her anus and use that same finger to rub her eye.
that chick only put a rusty eyeliner on on eye! looks hot with that rusty eyeshadow
by AwehMyBru November 2, 2010
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Generally applied, failing to perceive something brutally obvious because you are too distracted by an insignificant detail. Specifically, failing to notice how disgusting the video "Two Girls One Cup" is because you are too distracted by how nauseating their blue eyeshadow is.
The Blue Eyeshadow Effect:

After Jamie Lynn watched "2 Girls 1 Cup, she replied, "Ewww... that was fucking disgusting. Those bitches were wearing blue shadow!"
by Vulcan Gooch Grip Master March 9, 2012
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Punching your wife in the eye giving her a black eye
The wife was giving me some lip, so I applied some Irish eyeshadow.
by dmart1289 January 11, 2015
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The female version of a 'five o' clock shadow'.

When you apply fresh eyeshadow/eyeliner in the morning, then realize that is has all smuged/melted/creased by the time you get home from work.

Usually caused by cheap makeup and/or a hot environment.
Five o' clock eyeshadows aren't nice.

Girl 1: Hey, did you see Katie when she got back from the office?

Girl 2: I know! She had five o' clock eyeshadow.
by The Lulzinator September 12, 2009
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