fictional college course that is used to mock the typical course load taken by the average Division 1 basketball or football "student-athlete".
Advisor: This semester I'm gonna have you take Basketball Theory 101, Geography 100, College Seminar 101 and Underwater Basket Weaving 101 so we can keep you eligible.
Athlete: I don't know if I can handle all that
Advisor: It's okay, we have individual tutors for each of those classes that will do your homework for you.
by quiggler March 5, 2007
an easy or useless college course, whether real or not
He dismayed that the courses in underwater basket weaving were growing more common every year.
by The Return of Light Joker December 1, 2010
too much underwater basket weaving makes my wrist hurt

the interweb is a great tool for practicing underwater basket weaving
by studiosecond June 14, 2007
Sophie said she was going to have a bath but I think she's going for a bit of underwater basket weaving.
by CKing February 5, 2013
n: an illegal underground sport in which players must weave an entire basket underwater on one breath. If more than one player should manage to finish, the one who has created the most intricate or cleanest basket is kept alive while other contestants are shot. Most players drown in their first match. Some variations occur in EUBW, such as mines, sharks, and harpoons.
Bill: Mrs. Johnson, I'm so sorry about your loss. But how did your son die?

Mrs. Johnson: He drowned in an Extreme Underwater Basket Weaving tournament.

Bill: God rest his soul.
by whOOpshT July 12, 2011
A complex term used for sex; it takes two guys and a girl, or whatever you are into. One person receives the action, preferably a girl, while the guy or the other girl eats her out so hard and aggressive like weaving a basket. The other guy or girl would pour a bottle of fancy ass water, to give the simulation of being underwater.
"Hey, lets have a three way do some underwater basket weaving!"
Yeah let's do it!
by Eroom Rolyat November 16, 2016
Something to write on sweat pants if there is nothing else to, often followed by numbers 1-7 no one knows where this practice comes from however it is largely considered random without cause and just because/ why not?
I don't know what to put on the sweatpants!
me neither!
how about underwater basket weaving then the numbers 1-7?
sounds good buddy
by mchch September 8, 2009