That creepy guy at the mall who pops a boner in your lap when you sit down for a picture you'll just throw away in 4 months.
by Human July 29, 2003
A man who sits in the mall and recieves lap dances from children, promising to deliver them presents in return for the favour.
"Hoe,hoe, hoe!" I hear Santa Clause calling his bitches again.
by anon. April 3, 2005
Some weird ass old hobo that breaks in your house through the chimney and steal your all your food items like cookies and milk.Santa also knows exactly every action you took that year and will "reward" you accordingly.
timmy:Mom who is the weird man downstairs?
mother: please stay quite timmy and hide under the bed. Santa clause is here
santa: hohoho someone was a BAD BOY
by It's koni May 12, 2022
when you shit in a sock and slap someone in the face with it.
Gent 1:Aye chap, why you always have to wail on me. I'd much rather prefer a santa clause.
Gent 2:Righto
by shib January 26, 2005
used when someone aks you a question but you dont wanna answer and are annoyed in a way.
'who paid for that drink?'
'Santa Clause'
by JJ June 30, 2004
A fat old man tat stalks u every day claimin tat he is only checkin if ur bad or good.
"He Knows When You're Bad Or Good" This means santa clause is a stalker ;P
by nicky0032 December 28, 2007
a thing made up by parents so that their kids will idolize him and become fat and red and stupid. than when they find he's not real, they go into denial and eat even more and then blow up.
Mom:hey fatty, santa told me to tell you that the only way youll get your presents is if you eat a lot.
Fatty:mom im soo full though.
Fatty:ok ok i'm sorrryy....BOOOOOM!!
Mom:HAhahaha WooHoo!
Father:Wow that was a bigger explosion than te last one.
Mom:Dum shits
by orange March 13, 2005