An insult used primarily by people on the socialist left to describe conservatives, reactionaries (reactionary), members of the alt-right, libertarians, and even mainstream liberals. Generally the connotation of a very uninteresting and uncool male who contributes very little to society in terms of both productive work and original thoughts/opinions.
The type of person whose hobbies probably include watching "SHAPIRO OWNS SJW WITH FACTS AND LOGIC" compilations on YouTube, as well as jerking off to hentai (either traps or big anime tiddies).
They also tend to double as tape recorders.

This word has been in use in left wing circles in the northeast USA for several years, but it was popularized circa 2017-18 by the podcast Chapo Trap House.
- Did you see that guy wearing an "it's okay to be white" shirt?
I can't figure out whether he's an open white nationalist or just another chud who doesn't know that that slogan was a dogwhistle.

Whenever I tweet about (political topic), I get at least 10 chuds with roman statue avitars swarming the replies. Are these people searching on twitter for shit they don't like, just to get into an argument? Get a life lmao.
by Hoe Chi Minh Thot June 09, 2019
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A unattractive person whose defining characteristic of their personality is their egotism. Most often used to describe typically one-dimensional preps, chauches, or the like. A particularly mean insult; it should not be taken nor thrown around lightly.
Those chuds drinking on the patio of O'Reilly's are going to get egg-salad-sandwich bombed back to the caves they crawled out of!!!
by dcs5 June 29, 2005
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a defecation of at least medium width and length with a meaty apperance; very firm, with little flexibility;

Also known as a "ass stretcher"
And then he walks into the boys room and sees a big meaty chud staring him in the face.
by Ocho November 18, 2006
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a poop of massive proportions. or just another word to call a super irritating person.
woww asshole. your chud just clogged my toilet.
get away from me you chud.
by reena sapling June 27, 2010
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See movie : C.H.U.D. or Donnie Darko
adj; "That guy is such a chud"
acronym; see above
by Q-Ball October 01, 2003
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Anyone who has no good qualities at all:
Assholes, morons, idiots, jerks, preppy pieces-of-shit, meatheads, etc.
This place is full of chuds.
Johnny's such a chud, he's a chudstein barr.
Don't be a chud, just get in the car...
Are you gonna buy the beer, or are you gonna be a chud
by JMG1987 March 27, 2010
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