a girl or boy who has a creative mind able to understand and empathize in many situations. Reillys are not often popular in school but will certainly go far in life. Reillys are shy in some situations and very bold in others. If you know a Reilly, there is nothing to fear
1- I wonder, how does Reilly pull it off
2- Sam: Did you see Reilly over there?

Jen- Yup.

Sam- Enough said.
by helloholabonjour January 5, 2015
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This is actually a giant frog dressed in human clothes, don’t be fooled
Look at that Reilly bet he eats flies
by Penis_pumpernickel March 29, 2018
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Reilly. Usually has shoulder length hair, haisell or green eyes. She is a beautiful, gorgeous girl with a big personality and can be sensitive at some times. Easily insecure or depressed, easily excited and happy. Reilly is a caring friend.
Wow Reilly
by hippoyas2093 April 15, 2015
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An awesome dude who is always better at video games then his friend. Gets ALL the booty. And has girls all over him. Also you better not have a go at a Reilly other wise you get your ass kicked all the way to the hospitals door step!!!
Jeez thats a Reilly he will beat us up if we get in HIS way
by RKOOOOO!!! February 21, 2017
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An Irish baby name, most commonly used as a boys name but can also be used as a girls. courageous and valiant.
Reilly is a great name to name your new baby. Reilly would be a name to give to someone is they are very courageous or valiant.
by angalina November 11, 2014
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One of the prettiest girl name out there. If you have a Reilly, i recommend sticking with her. Reilly's can be paranoid if you don't text back fast enough, and are extremely shy.
Oh man, look her. She must be a reilly.

Wait what? your name's Reilly? Awesome.
by OmgBirds February 15, 2010
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