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a pretty damn good highschool. way better than broughton. we're in the top 50-something in the us, which is good for north cakalaki. there's a good amount of hot guys and girls, but watch out, there is a 75% chance that a nice looking young man takes it up the butt, and that's ok with most people there, except the homophobes. best swim team around. worst football team around. not much school spirit, but we make up for that in art and smart people. because WE are smarter than YOU.
steriotypical enloe kid: the last time i ate lunch was in the 8th grade and i've taken enough ap classes that i've already graduated college and im a member of the chess club, drama club, key club, fca, gsa, aafeo, abcdefg, and j club.
me: you going to homecomeing?
steriotypical enloe kid: pshhhhhhh no.
me: you going to the orchestra concert?
steriotypical enloe kid: HELLZ YEA
represent that enl0c
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The freshest high school in Raleigh, North Carolina. Contrary to popular belief, it is not full of geeks and Asians, though they do make up a significant percentage. Yes, we know that sports are not our strongest point. But do you have higher test scores than us? That's what I thought.
What? Broughton? Hell no, I'm an Enloe kid. Didn't the aura of intelligence, beauty AND badass alert you?
by cariii24 November 20, 2008
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the greatest high school in the country. no really, we really ARE better than you.
The Enloe student takes massive amounts of AP classes and has above average SAT scores.
by EB October 02, 2003
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a ghetto place where all the gay fags go to get recognized for their artistic talent and intellectual brillance. also where broughton kids tell their nerds to go, 'cause we need none of that at broughton high school!
enloe kid: yeah, well you're just a collar poppin' prep!
broughton kid: so what, you fag?
by purtynpink September 27, 2005
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1. Where immigrant kids go. Black, Asian, or Indian, they all suck and wish they could go to BHS.
1. The black boy says, "Yo nigga, you goin' to 'Loe nex yea?"
2. The Asian boy says, "Hero. You growing to Enroe next year?"
3. The Indian boy says, "I wooood like to bom BHS because they are bettair than we."
by ITB... December 20, 2004
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The act of leaving about 1/3 of a beer unfinished and claiming you drank it all
Dude! Quit enloeing your beer... man up and finish it.
by Superduderino October 11, 2018
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