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The year where God was punishing humanity for creating the Cats movie. If you thought 2017 and 2019 were bad, 2020 is turning out absolutely rotten. One word: Coronavirus.
Me on December 31st: Wow, 2020 is going to be a much better year!
Me looking back on what I said while in my bed on March 24th in quarantine: Never before have I said something that aged so poorly.
by E hates Q March 24, 2020
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The kid who plays annoying meme music (highlights include Dame Da Ne and the USSR Anthem) in the back of the bus. Also a frequent generator of reddit moments.

He still hasn't found out why nobody finds his Jeremying to be funny.
One day, Jeremy McUnfunny walked onto the bus, and plonked his pathetic rear end onto the seat furthest from the underpaid eyes of the bus driver. He immediately turned on his overpriced phone, opened YouTube, and played "SOVIET ANTHEM EAR RAPE" much to the entire bus's chagrin. When he was supposed to hand in his History presentation, he instead "stick-bugged" the entire class for worthless reddit karma. Nobody found that funny either.
by E hates Q September 4, 2020
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Being stubborn and doing fuck-all whilst shit hits the fan in the apparent hope that things will blow over. This doesn’t stop the shit hitting the fan in any way, which makes it more or less the lazy version of the similar term “digging yourself deeper”.
Boris “Blowjob” Johnson refusing to resign is just him standing in quicksand.
by E hates Q July 7, 2022
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A vehicle driven by Karens who think that because their parents drove a minivan it's automatically uncool to drive one.

They also guzzle a butt ton of gas, and yet the drivers of them still feel a need to complain about fuel.
2000: I'm not going to drive a minivan, that's what my parents drove! Uncool!
2020: I'm not going to drive a SUV, that's what my parents drove! Uncool!
by E hates Q September 22, 2019
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Somebody so unbelievably dumb you swear that they must have dropped out of preschool.
5th Grader In 2010: "Justin Bieber's audience are all preschool dropouts! LOL!"
by E hates Q September 22, 2018
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A trendymom is a mom born from 1980-1990 that attempts to be relevant by joining every single fad. Unfortunately, trendymoms do not have the capacity to know when a fad is dead.
Man 1: How dafuq did the wii win the console wars?
Man 2: because trendymoms.
by E hates Q March 30, 2018
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Suburbs extending out for an absurd distance from a city center. To be truly hell, these suburbs have to have absolutely no mixed use developments. Extra points if there's a sea of parking lots outside all stores.

Suburban hell is either car focused (growing because of middle-class, mostly white families seeing the city centre as "rough") or the result of high-capacity transit (i.e metro systems) going too far out of an urban centre. The latter example tends to devolve into the former.

Examples of cities that are surrounded by suburban hell:
London (It's not just an American problem)
Phoenix (A bunch of suburbs disguised as a city)
New York City (Especially in Long Island and New Jersey)
Los Angeles (Hope you like highways)
Shanghai (to an absurd degree)

These areas tend to have lots of homeowners. Said homeowners have also probably bought all the residential properties in downtown as an investment so nobody can actually live there. They also are the proud owners of large SUVs if only to compensate for something.
Bob: Are we out of London yet?
Mike: Not even close. There's umpteen thousand miles of suburban hell to get through.
by E hates Q August 23, 2021
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