35 definitions by E hates Q

The kid who plays annoying meme music (highlights include Dame Da Ne and the USSR Anthem) in the back of the bus. Also a frequent generator of reddit moments.

He still hasn't found out why nobody finds his Jeremying to be funny.
One day, Jeremy McUnfunny walked onto the bus, and plonked his pathetic rear end onto the seat furthest from the underpaid eyes of the bus driver. He immediately turned on his overpriced phone, opened YouTube, and played "SOVIET ANTHEM EAR RAPE" much to the entire bus's chagrin. When he was supposed to hand in his History presentation, he instead "stick-bugged" the entire class for worthless reddit karma. Nobody found that funny either.
by E hates Q September 04, 2020
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The people writing some of the definitions for gun control.
Yes, my dad's a gun nut. Yes, we could have spent that money on more useful things. Damn those gun nuts.
by E hates Q January 11, 2020
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Part of a schoolyard rhyme sung whenever some poor sod's underwear is exposed.

Sometimes shortened to either "I see London" or "I see France", or further shortened to the verbs "see London" or "see France".
Kid A, upon catching a glimpse of Kid B's underwear: "I see London, I see France, I see Kid B's underpants!"
by E hates Q July 12, 2021
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To be cancelled is to be exposed in a way that destroys your online reputation. This happening to you when you deserved it is not cancel culture.

Cancel Culture is the result of somebody trying too hard to be "woke" and looking to cancel somebody to prove their wokeness. If you're woke, you don't need to prove it. See performative wokeness.

The term is often maliciously misused by those that deserved it, usually implying that the cancellers are just "WHINY SJW LIBTARDS". See Shaggy defense.
Jimmy got cancelled for asking a 13 year old girl for nudes on Discord. He blamed cancel culture.
by E hates Q April 26, 2021
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Your rich ex girlfriend who is always the first to mock you at school when you dun goof.
Mike: Goddammit, Chloe's approaching. And I have gravy on my shirt.
Xavier: Ay, didn't she leave you for a 19 year old in jail?
by E hates Q February 24, 2020
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12 year olds who spend all their time making Tik-toks and unironically saying Wholesome 100. They are also probably either Fortnite kids or treat r/fuckepic as the bible.
I have a bunch of Class of 2027 kids on my bus. A bunch of them held up the bus because they thought making a Tik-Tok while I was trying to get on was a good idea. Fucking numnuts.
by E hates Q January 11, 2020
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