Today we celebrate a person who loves to stay inside their house
person 1: December 31st! It’s my birthday and i have no friends so i’m going to stay inside.
by alienputas October 16, 2019
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The worst day to have a birthday. People are more likely to go out to party then be with you on your birthday. Sometimes you feel lonely and wish it was an other day so you didn't realize how sad and alone you are.
Person 1: Hey man you look upset something up?
You: Sometimes I feel like im Gods big joke
Person 1: Why is that?
You: Im always told how lucky I am for being born on December 31st and how rare it is. Yet on a day where im supposed to be with friends and family I couldn't be more alone. Like God made me on this day just to laugh.
Person 1: Oh...well happy birthday.
by Lllllslsksbdhdbdbd November 22, 2021
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This is the last day before our decade ends, so it’s flashback day. We will watch all our childhood shows and play all our childhood games in memory of them until it turns midnight
It’s December 31st which means it’s flashback day, I’m going to login to my Disney+ and binge watch all the old shows!
by Memecarrier November 24, 2019
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This is the day Satan erected his 42 inch penis and pregnated his girlfriend who is cartman from southpark. Cartman also gave birth on the same day this happened giving birth to Justin beiber and Kim Jong un who are indeed twins.
I can't wait to celebrate December 31st and thank Satan for giving us Justin beiber and Kim Jong un
by Onehorsetoe October 16, 2019
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The last day Junnnx2 calender ends
December 31st-Hey whats today? its Decemeber 31st last day Junnnx2 does no more calenders after today
by Enzeru November 20, 2021
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the day my life died. one direction took a hiatus but will always be in our hearts <3 1d 4 life.

its been 79 months without them, harry said atleast 18 months i dont think they can count.
person 1: why are you so upset its december 31st!!
person 2: one direction took a hiatus.
by louistomlinsonhusband August 11, 2022
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