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Numnuts or num-nuts is a slang term that is used to depict someone who is a constant source of trouble. Usually an individual who screws up, or constant makes mistakes. Someone who botches a job, event, or situation.
"Good job, numnuts!"
"You guys are a bunch of #%^&!$$ numnuts! Hit the ground and give me 50!" (a drill sergeant to his platoon of Army trainees.
by Guler March 11, 2005
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Numnut (n)This term is usually used to describe one of little intelligence or thought. It originates from the term numb nut meaning that ones nut, or head in this case, is numb i.e. the numnut has little to no activity in the head.
"i sprayed deodorant on my hair this morning and used my hair spray under my arms"
"oh you numnut"
by louisCo February 22, 2006
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An dumb person or bumbling idiot. "Num-" refers to the term "numb", describing a person's general feelings/attitude towards people.
-used as a non-offensive, yet funny insult
"Oops. I just spilled another soda"
"You dam numnut"
by Freddfu November 27, 2005
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a term used to describe someone who is being stupid, retarded, or doing uncalled for things.
hey num nuts, stop dancing. you look like a fag.
by Niky Niky July 25, 2011
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1. A total idiot, with the mental capacity of a duck
2. Someone who got hit in the nuts so hard they lost all feeling in their nuts
by dadmenow December 01, 2017
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