78 definitions by Dylan

the uglyest slut face hoe in the world...."I HATE KAITLANN"
kaitlann this is "REEFA" i wrote this cuz u and ur ugly hoe ass friend are slutz............
by Dylan October 10, 2004
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NC for short. Website run by Jay Resop which glorifies Nintendo characters other than Mario. Famous for it's witty "comix" which constantly make 80s-90s pop culture references.
Neglected Mario Characters is a very cool website.
by Dylan January 2, 2004
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The feeling U get when U fall in love, not with a boy or girl but with the heavens above.
"Lovesexy is the one, till my day is done. Hundalasiliah!"
by Dylan June 3, 2004
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A combination of Maybe and Perhaps. Used when is extremely unsure. Please see refrence to maybe and perhaps for more info on the combination.
Joe: When are you gonna do it?
Sally: Mayhaps tomorrow.
by Dylan December 27, 2005
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a fairly amazing band from the kansas city area.
man, i just heard meep at www.meepsite.com and they were fairly amazing!
by Dylan January 14, 2004
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Dylan has a lot of merps!
by Dylan October 24, 2003
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a quantity of fecal matter that contains abnormal levels of lead
I crapped out a lead zeppelin and it hurt
by Dylan January 31, 2004
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