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that thing...that i cna never find...
Lisa- C'mon get my g-spot!
Dylan-Where the fuck is it?!?!
by Dylan March 14, 2004

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Australian slang for someone under the influence of chemical substances.
"look at Mitch he's off chops!"
by Dylan June 12, 2004

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Bad company, rip off telephone network. Shitty internet.
"The most secure computers in the world are ones NOT connected to the internet. That is why I recommend Telstra BigPond ADSL."
by Dylan June 26, 2004

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(n). - A damn hott girl with sidebangs!
"Look at that CoCo!"
by Dylan May 09, 2004

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In the homosexual world, a person who no longer hides in the closet and chooses to express him or herself openly in their sexuality
Davis: Are you still a closet-queer?
Greg: Nope. I came out yesterday to my family.
by Dylan May 26, 2004

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To be of the same school of thought as another person, thinking in the same area.
"You think so too? So we're on the same page."
by Dylan June 05, 2004

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The disposable toilet-seat tissue which prevents your ass from touching the toilet seat upon defecation.
"damn, that shit is rancid! I need an assgasket!"
by Dylan March 13, 2004

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