1:- A word that sounds the same as another, but has a different meaning.

2:- A telephone in the employ of a homosexual


Homosexual:- Hey, look at my new homophone! it's *fabulous*!
by Hefelumpman April 3, 2005
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When gay people need to communicate over vast distances, they use the Homophone.
I called him up on my homophone.
by spunko2014 January 13, 2011
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Someone (usually a homosexual) who speaks in gay slang or in a gay way. (As compared to someone who speaks French 'Francophone' or English 'Anglophone').
--"Scotty told me that the lip gloss and chaps look ridic on me. I'm SO wearing them to the next circuit party."

-"Geez Phillip, the way you say it, you sound like such a homophone"

by Just Brad September 21, 2007
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telecommunications device used for contacting only members of the same sex, usually for, but not limited to gross anal sex.
I called Jimmy using my homophone, in only minutes we were enjoying sexual acts that we would later spread across the internet to unsuspection young boys.
by Dylan February 22, 2005
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Homophone- is a word that suggests or implies that that certain word is a word of gay like suggestive word.
Dude that's a Homophone put it down before all the gays get suggestively
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Differently spelled words that pronounce exactly the same.

Some common homophones include
- there, their, they’re
- your, you’re
- taught, taut, tot
- aunt, ant
- for, four, fore
- break, brake
- scent, cent, sent
- weather, whether

An alarmingly significant chunk of the English-speaking population seems to struggle with homophonic words, age surprisingly not playing a major factor.

Having the ability to correctly use homophones is a skill that’s heavily unappreciated and seems to be dying off slowly. Therefore, if one encounters an individual with such a rare skill, realize how potentially valuable that individual may be. This is especially true for younger people. In a world where smartphones autocorrect wrong spelling but fail to autocorrect wrong homophone usage, this is a skill that should be highly valued.
Example 1 of incorrect usage of homophones

IMBECILE: Omggg your such a republikkkan if you don’t love Biden!!




IMBECILE: proceeds to block

Example 2 of incorrect usage of homophones:

IMBECILE: Lol TYT always posts good stuff! There sooo smart and always know what’s up.

NON-IMBECILE: TYT is the definition of cringeworthy virtue-signaling. *They’re

IMBECILE: Shut up!! Their not virtue-signaling! There speaking the truth and not actually taking action and fighting injustice because they don’t need to!!

NON-IMBECILE: *They’re **They’re …FFS…

IMBECILE: Oh so now your a grammar nazi?! I’m not in English class so stfu!

NON-IMBECILE: *You’re. And I can clearly tell you’ve never taken English.

IMBECILE: Now your assuming my race!!? I reported you to Facebook!! Enjoy YOU’RE ban!!

NON-IMBECILE: Wait, what? Wow… you’re* YOUR*

IMBECILE: user proceeds to block and cowers to the nearest safe space
by TheLumpyPumpkin July 22, 2022
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