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The disposable toilet-seat tissue which prevents your ass from touching the toilet seat upon defecation.
"damn, that shit is rancid! I need an assgasket!"
by Dylan March 13, 2004
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N. The toilet seat covers commonly found in public restrooms.
Ken left the stall with the ass gasket hanging out of his pants.
by Time Waster November 13, 2002
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The razor-thin, paper toilet seat covers dispensed in public restrooms with the sole intention of deluding the user's basic hygienic standards, enabling him or her to “take up throne” in a creepy bathroom stall.
"I had to crap so bad that I covered my mouth and nose, waded through what looked like bile on the gas stations bathroom floor, kicked open the stall door, pulled out one of those ass gaskets from the dispenser, and calmly sat upon the fidgeting toilet seat."
by Mister Williams August 06, 2008
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History: Believed to be a Gallagher-ism (American comic of 1980s & 1990s known mostly for pulverizing melons w/a huge slegehammer in his shows).
Definition: Those wisp-thin, slightly waxy paper toilet seat covers offered in public toilets to protect one's bodunkadunk from coming in contact with someone else's funk.
When using the toilet at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, always put an ass gasket down before you cop a squat.
by Maven April 15, 2004
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paper toilet seat covers used to protect your ass from un-sanitary restroom conditions, such as splatter, shrapnel, coat the bowl and peeing out of my butt. it provides a nice, clean seal between your bum and the nasty toilet seat during those times when you just have to go.
the toilet stole my ass gasket!
by jLOUD August 04, 2006
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They ran out of ass gaskets in the bathroom, so I had to make a sofa out of TP.
by chickenOrBeef October 21, 2003
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