38 definitions by Duncan

When you are boning a Jewish American Princess and you spin her around while she is riding your cock.
Kyle dradled that bitch hardcore.
by Duncan October 21, 2004
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fucked if i know
by Duncan April 14, 2003
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A woman so attractive that one look at her will turn any man's flaccid member to stone.
A blonde cock medusa enters the room, causing a whimsical "sproinngggg" sound to emanate from Jack's trousers.
by Duncan July 11, 2004
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A young canadian DJ who mixes up great tunes using two turntables and his own hands. No computer needed!
Kid Koala is a cool guy.
by Duncan November 24, 2003
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Irritating guys who throw rocks at buses, wear 'pure sovvys'.
used to be found solely in glasgow, but are now found beating up goths even in Cockburn Street ( a goth mecca in Edinburgh). Come into games workshop and break peoples models.
'you are a ned'
by Duncan January 14, 2004
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Yet another slang term for womens breasts.
She's got some nice mcguffies
by Duncan August 22, 2005
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8:17 pm -- The working man's 4:20. A time of day suitable for career-oriented-yet-pot-addicted individuals to blaze up without interfering with normal work hours.

Coined in Berkeley in July 2003.
Whew, what a day at the office... it's 8:17, grab the bong.
by duncan June 03, 2004
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