A member of the amigos rap group.Probably the best member due to his fast flow resembling another great rapper;Ski Mask The Slump God.Unfortantly he is the least known and gets shown the least love.i mean they left the nigga off Bad And Boujee for crying out loud and that was Migos's most popular song.
person 1-i really like the migos.offset is the best

person 2-nahh takeoff is the best cuz of his flow
person 1-oh shit lemme hear dat shit*listen to Intruder* damn my nigga this some fire
by Lil Scars XO May 3, 2018
One who takes off their clothes, who 'takes it for the team.' A sexually active female with a reputation for having multiple sexual partners as on a sports team.
Everyone knew she was the takeoff girl for the football team.
Suzie Creamcheese is a real takeoff!
by Lancerm November 27, 2006
Person 1- hey I gotta tell you something
Person 2- takeoff
by Her true BFF💕 ❤️ ;) October 21, 2018
1/3 of the MIGOS. Most famous for being left out on bad boujee and the memes.
Me: Just listened to Bad and Boujee, where is takeoff

Friend: Well he is obviously left out of it, like usual.
by Ugandan Knuckles ❣️ March 3, 2018
A way to leave a party - pulling a fire alarm and leaving with a stranger. As popularized by the TV show Letterkenny.
Damn, how are we going to bail on this lame party? French exit? Nah, Turkish Takeoff!
by I.scream.for.indies November 27, 2018
When you pull the fire alarm and leave with a stranger.
"Yo, wanna dip?"
"Sure, lemme just pull this first"
"Nice, the ol' Turkish Takeoff"
by Utnanacorn January 5, 2018
the physical launch of one's being into orbit after having a very scrumdiddlyumpcious dinner of one home made south of the border burrito with nothing excluded. One to have a Mexican takeoff can be recognized by a brown smudge on white pants.
Charlie "Man, that burrito was delicious, but it took a toll on my stomach."

Will "dude why does it sound like an engine is running?"

Charlie "Oh god, I can't hold it!"

-eruption occurs-

Will "Looks like he had a Mexican Takeoff."
by Unholy Bojangles April 26, 2010