Used when someone is completely out of it. They are in their own world, like spacecamp.

Also used to identify someone with a blank expression.
what the hell happened to Max", "I don't know, he must be in space camp.
by interstate May 25, 2011
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Sexual position combining fierce DVDA with double bagging.
Me, Mike, Ciaran and Dave straight went to space camp on that girl last night. It was weird cuz our dongs touched, but I would totally do it again. Thank god we double bagged so we didn't burn up upon re-entry
by radius May 4, 2008
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An academic institution dating back to the beginning of time --primarily focused on the studying and practicing of all things related to dinosaurs and space.
Dinosaur Space Camp is the greatest and oldest academic institution ever.
by lesoldham March 16, 2013
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a band made up of the hottest guys in northern virginia that had some bad ass tunes
played songs such as "jro broke the tom","a hold on life","drunk sex" and,"dinosaurs"
by a fan June 5, 2004
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A university located in California devoted to teaching young men and women space travel.
Sammy was accepted to the Extreme Space Camp University!
by pacoraul April 1, 2011
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