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A town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Great place to reside if you're a scum bag, beneficiary, criminal, or arsehole, then you can spend your weekends pissing your welfare money up against the wall at Moda or the Bull 'n' Gate.

Or you can stay at home and watch our gay mayor on dancing with the stars.

Well worth the journey........... my hairy nuts, It think it would be a much better town if we shot dead all the welfare bludging assholes, and turned castlecliff into a fenced off ghetto.

Other than that, nice place...really it is.

Mayor of Wanganui Michael Laws - "Damm i look good in spandex and makeup"

Member of the mongrel mob - " Lets go have a drink at Moda and spend all this hard earned welfare money"
by Wanganuipride May 14, 2007
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Wanganuis a shithole in another shithole called New Zealand where the maoris live.
wanganuis the best place to move if your poor or hankey black or in the mongrel mob
Friend: Wana go to Wanganui bro?
Friend2: Fuck You Dirtbag
by C4!! April 20, 2009
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wanganui a small town on the west coast lower north island.
residing next to WHANGANUI river.
wanganui; like many other towns in new zealand, wanganui is residing on wat was "maori owned land", illegally sold for the self gain and greed 18th century colonist (english men and woman alike),theaft is a very unfortunate and disregarded truth that is 18th century new zealand.

wanganui is also the retirement capital of new zealand
with wanganui's strong historic settings

a larger population of its people live in peacefully, but unlike the foolish uneducated views of the above
, wanganui is a town rich in agriculture, artistic view and education.

do not judge the local, on the stupid gang related
acts of the mongrel mob, black power kkk or hells angles they are not our fellow man but rather a man whos life revolves around anger and rebellion. they are in every corner of the world but make up only a small percentage of the population of wanganui district

the world is a dangerous place wanganui isn't

the misinformed are not the stupid but rather the uneducated!

1 man steals and goes unpunished this in turn makes him none the wiser but alot more greedy.
it is still theft
wanganui history
pre european settlement; wanganui had one of the most thriving settlements in new zealand strong in culture.

1840: 2000 europeans reside in wanganui

an claim ownership to all maori land and trades.

1860: the nz wars

19 97: protest on mautoa gardens 97 day

2006: a minute amount of land returned
by 2 in4rm August 07, 2009
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Wanganui is a small high crime town on the west coast of the north island of new zealand.
Wanganui has a high rate of crime due to lack of employment and a (high maori population).
Wanganui has over the years has become a centre for maori activism with (motua gardens) in the mid 90s and the home to wankers such as ken meare.
The (local maori) have also tried to change the name of wanganui to whanganui as these unemployed maori have nothing better to do with there time but sit in parks and try to come up with more crap.
Wanganui is (home to all of new zealands gangs) this has lead to wanganui being one of the few places to lose population over the years

Wanganui in a word is a shithole
"Went to gonville last nite and got jumped by maoris"
"wanganui, wanganui come take a look at us now"
by whatsmyname123 December 10, 2011
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