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A race, where multiple teams of four people compete to see which team can finish the following things in the least amount of time: a 30 of beer, a fifth of liquor, an eighth of weed, and an extra-large cheese pizza.
Guy: Yo, Adam booted before he finished the four by four last night.
Other guy: Yea, I know. What a pussy.
by dphi May 18, 2010
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Officer: "How's that job I asked you to take care of?"

Proud Enlisted Man: "It's four by four, Sir. Ready to Rock and roll."
by Mosin Nagant March 04, 2014
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My 93 year old dad's term for toilet paper. Apparently some antique arrangement of the sheets.
I need to get to the store, I got everything but the four by fours.
by a a ! June 04, 2015
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a specialty burger from 'In 'n Out burger'. It's not on the menu, but if you ask for it...they know what it is.
"Can I have a four by four?"
"Isn't that a burger with four pieces of meat and four pieces of cheese? Sure, here you go."
"This burger is awesome!"
by Josh Allison December 01, 2003
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