Something that was invented to keep people away when you re sad, mad, or just want to be alone
"dude, I just tried talking to her, but she said that she wants boundaries between us"

"I'm sorry dude"
by Jake1111111111111 November 1, 2011
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All of them except for 1
Hym "Not the boundaries. Get it? I broke all of them except for the one she was breaking. And I told the whole ass truth. Just ask that one guy."
by Hym Iam May 31, 2022
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A bar you hold onto whilst sat on the toilet to prevent you from falling in.
Be sure to hold onto the boundary when you go on the toilet.
by the weird witch May 31, 2015
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n. psychobabble for a person's ability to tell himself apart from those around him. "rigid boundaries" indicate an inability to form close relationships. "no boundaries" indicates a spineless, mindless, asskissing lemming.
Skeevo's got good boundaries; he ain't willing to co-sign for his girlfriend's car loan.
by F. Rodderick Hsu May 5, 2005
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Ability to manage the three dimensions of one's psychological boundaries (permeability, flexibility and complexity) in relationships with other people.
"She doesn't know where she ends and I begin, psychologically speaking, because she has no boundary intelligence."
by Jane Adams May 8, 2005
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Another word for 'Stalker'
Alan: Rose, you're a stalker
Rose: I prefer to be called 'boundary challenged'
by Das.gupta January 16, 2010
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popular london underground grime crew based in east..
that boundary crew is grimeeeeeeeeeey...
most recent releases include "hits like us"
they cant make no hits like us, hits like us, hits like us...
by SammySam October 19, 2006
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