121 definitions by Doug

Showing Off, For bravado, or for women (or both for that matter). posturing, or attempting to be the "alpha male"...
flossin, floss, flexin', etc...
"There's some fine bitches up in here, i gots to start flexin the mexican, nah mean?"
by doug March 25, 2004
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To be got.
Dude, why are you so irish? Asshole.
Got 'im.
by Doug March 12, 2004
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pot smoking deviced... real sweet
I smoked out of the dooma today and it fucked me up.
by Doug March 26, 2005
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see giant smurf
(v) The action of woobling your poop- monkey.
(n) eskimo's hat.
"Help! Someone stop this man from woobling my poop-monkey!"
"Help! Someone stop this man from woobling my pooopyoble!"
by Doug March 21, 2004
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Bong hit, clearing the chamber, stoned.
"The only way I deal with my boss, is by rippin' a tube before go to work"
by doug April 24, 2003
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Getting head, a blow job.
Mike-"you trying to get the piece tonight?"
Doug-"yeah i need my dick sucked"
by Doug December 06, 2004
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Another name for police
Oh No! Here comes boyden! Hide the shit!
by Doug December 03, 2004
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