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A hilarious anagram of Xemnas's name. I mean it's supposed to be an anagram of Ansem X, but that's wrong.
Saix: Alright sir, I won't reveal your secret.
Xemnas: Thank you.
*Demyx passes by*
Demyx: Hey Mansex.
Saix: Okay so I told a few of us.
by DoodooMan October 30, 2007

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A nonsensical chant from Banjo Kazooie often associated with the character Mumbo Jumbo. It is heard when one picks up a Mumbo Token in the first game. In the second game, when Mumbo Tokens are no longer used, it is heard in the background music in Mayahem Temple and also when mumbo uses magic. We know how to spell it from the sides of the Mumbo Pads in the second game. Also rhymes with the teacher surname, Yochim.
Eekam Bokum, Mr Yochim!!!
by DoodooMan November 14, 2007

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An important Collectable in the Banjo Kazooie Series
Christopher: OMG! The jiggy in Bubblegloop Swamp is fucking impossible to get!!
Jeff: Well, go learn how to use running shoes in gobi's valley.
by DooDooMan October 21, 2007

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The REAL Indian. The other kind is a Native American, see Woo Woo. Derives from the dot (a bindi) that adorns a married Indian's head. Is not to be confused with a Towel Head.
1) Foxxy: There are a hundred dead Indians are buried by our house come to haunt us.
Clara: By Indian you mean Woo Woo or Red Dot?

2) Anish: Boobily Boop, I am Anoop Poopidy Doop!
Megan: Wow, you really are a Red Dot...
by DoodooMan November 18, 2007

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Any autistic looking kid passing by.

Comes from an obscure line from the Dubbed Funimation version of the popular anime Crayon Shin Chan. The line was uttered by Kazama(Georgie Prescott III) and Nene(Penny Milfer)
1) *Jeff sees an autistic kid walking like he's drunk*
Jeff: Look at Parry Hotter go.

2) Georgie: Hey, Penny! What book is that?
Penny: Here
*Shows the book*
Georgie: Parry Hotter? What a friggin ripoff! He doesn't even look like a real wizard!
Penny: That's cuz he's not! He's an autistic kid who got sent to England cuz he shot his brother.
by DoodooMan November 07, 2007

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The VA of Roxas. Very fruity. On the same wavelength as Hannah Montana.
Roxas: Because you live!!!!
Namine: Shut up or I'll strangle you!!!
Roxas: You just hate it when I sing because I sing like Jesse McCartney!!!
by DoodooMan October 13, 2007

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To get wendy with someone means to get testy, which sounds like wendy testaburger. Is often used to avoid incitation to say the word testicles.
Coons: Jeff you have some trig over here that needs to get done.
Jeff: Oh come on, are you fucking joking me!?
Coons: Now don't you get wendy with me young man!!
by DoodooMan November 28, 2007

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