Statement used when hearing or seeing only the worst possible thing imaginable. Taken from when Justin on Event Horizon awakes from a coma after a visit to "the other place".
Prosecuting - "So may I present to the court the files taken from the hard drive of the defendant Mr Gary Glitter."
The Jury as one - "The Dark"
by Nozzer August 28, 2006
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"Dark" can be a slag word to describe heroin.
It is most popularly used in Britain, as "white" is commonly used to describe cocaine.
Aright man, you got any dark?
by freddyfukinkruger January 24, 2010
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Darkness is found in our deepest parts of mind, somewhere more important than the heart. A cold place where we can not see into because every time we look we can’t see anything other than the light we let in.

This force moves any person into making moral choices that do not involve gaining any kind of benefit therefore not taking interest in martial or feeling related possessions. Love is seemly turned into a cold void of reality and money has no meaning other than an object of oppression. Pain is replaced with understanding and fear is used to destroy hate instead of coming from it.

This force is always confused as evil yet it is the only thing that will stop unneeded feelings turning into hate and fear. Although anyone with a understanding of darkness gain the fear of others because of the thought that this cold state is dangerous. It is true that darkness is opposite of light but that does not make anyone good or evil.
“Light thinks it travels faster than darkness yet no matter how fast light travels it find that the darkness is there, waiting.”

“You are in darkness just before you realise that you have a perfect or broken life. The moment you are happy, sad or any feeling enters you the darkness is covered in light. The light finally catching up… “
by DarkenHate November 7, 2010
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kick-ass band that plays original songs and doesn't sell out. the lead singer likes spandex (wierd) yet can sing higher than a girl, which requires a lot of talent
person1: did u listen to the darkness cd????
person2: yeah, they kick ass!!!!
by darkness lover February 8, 2005
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A videogame that was developed by Starbreeze Studios. The game is based on the comic books, also known as The Darkness. The game is about Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman who is granted demonic powers on his 21st birthday. Jackie must fight his way to his Uncle Paulie, a mafia don who wants to kill him for disobeying his orders, and also to avenge the murder of his girlfriend Jenny. On the way, he is confronted by the demonic powers that have manifested his body. He is eventually able to control the powers and eventually hunts down his Uncle Paulie, but loses control of the powers after killing his Uncle Paulie and his men mercilessly.
The Darkness is actually a pretty fun game but recieved average reviews
by Jack of Clubs July 24, 2008
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