Sad in a way that's can't be fixed at all.
"you got fired from your job, and yo man fucked your sister?" That's saggy
by Sudo. E. Nym January 22, 2018
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When your boobies touch the floor. It is used in a compliment form.
Tim: Hey Granny, Your looking extra saggy today
Granny: Thanks Tim, your man boobs are looking pretty saggy, too.
by K-dog & T-monz July 19, 2008
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1. Something that is in a baggy or loose state;

2. Something that is clearly past it's best
1. Look at Lauren wearing that saggy top, what a filthy, dirty slag, she clearly wants laid tonight but we all know...she ain't getting none!

2. Lauren's saggy diddies that look like two fried eggs.

"Jesus Christ Lauren put that bra back on you fucking repulsive person!
by Wullyum August 21, 2010
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When you’re tired, exhausted, lazy, hungover, on a come down from a (sugar) high.
“I’m not going running tonight, I’ve been at work all day, I’m feeling saggy.”

“I had an energy drink earlier and now I feel all saggy.”
by Nickahola December 29, 2019
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When something hangs in a downwords way. Something that is not very stable
Ex. Her boobs where very saggy because she didn't ware a bra
by Billybob...jr April 20, 2017
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(noun) The old men who walk around public locker rooms in the nude with their saggy ball sacks all over. Plural form: Saggies
Pool Goer 1: yo did you see that saggy? His sack was dragging on the floor.

Pool Goer 2: yeah yo this steam room is like a breeding ground for saggies.
by lord farkwad May 1, 2008
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That feeling when you can't really be bothered with anything and are generally feeling low
by lineyt January 27, 2008
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