Loud or rambunctious person or thing. Typically used when describing a person, and/or the sound someone makes when talking through a mask.
A cop chased a robber kazooie. The person sounded kazooie
by carmink194 March 23, 2021
Best. Heroine. EVER.

She's a red-crested Breegull (Not a real type of bird) and hangs out with Redneck DX aka Banjo The Bear.
Kazooie can save my ass anyday.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
Really is the best heroine ever.
Kazooie is cool.
by fda September 29, 2003
Protagonist and ally to Banjo the Bear in the Nintendo 64 games Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. A loud-mouthed, comic relief bird, this red-crested breegull is also a source of beatdown for any hags who dare step in her way.

Role: Helped to save Banjo's little sister Tooty in the original game, and revive Bottles the mole and King Jingaling the Jinjo (as well as save the entire Isle o' Hags) in the sequel.

She's also uber spiffeh.
Let's go kick some witchy butt!
by Cubie_J January 10, 2005
the greatest game created for any system ever made i dont care what you say its better tha halo, COD megaman mario agmes ANYTHING
banjo kazooie is beastly
by lord woo woo fak fak August 25, 2008
A Nintendo 64 game in which Banjo & Kazooie, a bear and a bird respectively, must rescue Banjo's little sister Tootie from an evil witch named Gruntilda, whom wants to steal Tootie's beauty. AHYUCK AHYUCK
"liek omg!!1 i got another jigsaw puzle pice!1 yaaaayy!!!!!!!!!1"
by Nyanko February 6, 2004