1. a generally despicable person

2. a person who receives a lucky break/opportunity that you were hoping for

3. a single member of the notoriously unsuccessful boy-band "The Fetchers" from Wendover, NV
1. "Nate just ratted me out. What a fetcher!"

2. "I can't believe that fetcher got a star-lightning combo on the last track of Bowser's Castle."

3. "I heard the Fetchers broke up. I heard the short fetcher likes gay servicemen."
by Mudskins July 21, 2006
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A word used in the Game "MorrowWind"tm by Bethesda Games, and related games, as an insult of the lowest kind.
"That Fetcher would sell his own Mother for the price of the look on her face."
by shogun459 November 28, 2016
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Another word to use as an insult. Related words: Loser, Idiot, Poopface, ect.
Shut your face fetcher!

Your such a fetcher!

You little fetcher.

Eat poop fetcher
by Moesha February 16, 2005
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Can also be used as an adverb.
You fetching fetcher.

This is so fetching disgusting!

Your mom is fetching awesome!

by Moesha February 16, 2005
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Fetcher is a common insult from the early 16th century. It means bitch.
An example yould be 'You Fetcher.' Or 'Son of a Fetcher.'
by Martin Jones. July 21, 2006
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the two-word description of one who is a slave to his woman.

he will hold her purse for her, mostly because that's where his testicles are.
Man, that guy sue is a tampon fetcher, he comes when his woman calls him.
by Looger October 2, 2004
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A new aged term for a eunuch, who is a slave to the upper class and often performed tasks such as sourcing fruit for the masters of their domain
Hey Wayne, get your fruit-fetcher Michael to head to the fields and get us some grapes to go with my wine and cheese.
by Remco Site supervisor April 14, 2017
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