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A person, usually a political figure or newsreader who thinks that their opinions and ideology is correct even though it is based on Post-Truth and AltFacts, the word is a derivative of Analyst
Nigel was so pleased when Faux News hired him as an Analcyst as it gave him a platform to argue his alternative facts, and post-truth.
by DominicCummings January 24, 2017

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The act of using a phone or camera to take a picture up a females skirt.
Christopher enjoyed the frill of Choping females in the Houses of Parliament
by DominicCummings June 17, 2018

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To hate someone, or something without a rational reason; bigoted, small minded.
He was samstein about gays and Asians.

That was a samstein remark you made about me.
by DominicCummings December 08, 2009

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The act of breaking legislation because you somehow believe that you are exempt from the laws in your country.
Hi mate, I've just done a Cummings by driving 270 miles to my rents as the rona legislation does not apply to me. Wow Dom! Did The Ragged haired Idiot specifically exclude you from the rona lockdown?
by DominicCummings May 24, 2020

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Pub or Club doormen
The Louds searched me for drugs
by DominicCummings June 13, 2016

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