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To engage in or encourage the practice of secretly filming lady parts via the upskirt method.
I got caught choping the other day, but it's cool as it's not a crime in the UK apparently.

I tried to chope her, but she was wise to it and punched my in the throat.

I just choped that woman, but it wasn't a woman so I sent the clip to Jacob.
by Monty-The-Cat June 17, 2018
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The practice of making unauthorized photographs under a woman's skirt, capturing an image of her crotch area, underwear and sometimes genitalia. The term "chope" can also refer to a photograph, video, or illustration which incorporates an upskirt image. The term is also sometimes used to refer generically to any voyeur photography – that is, catching an image of somebody unaware in a private moment.
"Why is that guy holding his hand out and grinning?"

"See that girl with the short skirt standing next to him? He's choping"
by Frederick Von Trap June 17, 2018
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The act of taking an unwanted photograph of a woman's genitals by placing a camera under their skirt. Also known as upskirting.

Named after Conservative MP and full time scumbag Sir Christopher Chope who blocked a bill to make the practice illegal.
Did you see that pervert choping that woman?
by Dan the Flan June 16, 2018
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To take a photograph up a woman's skirt or dress without her consent. British slang, also known as upskirting. Named for Sir Christopher Chope, MP. I chope, you chope, Sir Christpher Chope chopes.
Sir Christopher was caught choping the other day and deselected from his seat for being a perve.
by Satandog June 17, 2018
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Choping or Chopeing - Slang to be used for the soon to be passed into UK law, sexual offence of photographing without consent up beneath a women's skirt or dress.

Named after Christopher Chope Mp, Conservative Mp for Christchurch, Dorset. Christopher Chope Mp who PREVENTED the law from being passed to protect women in the UK , by 'filibustering' (talking out) a Private members bill in the house of commons, UK parliament. Prior to Mp Chope's actions the bill making - 'up skirting' (Choping or Chopeing) - the photographing non-consensually up beneath a women's dress or skirt, a criminal sexual offence. This law had been expected to pass, as it had cross political party support on both sides of the house of commons. See 'Hansard'.
The man committed the sexual offence of Choping (chopeing) by taking a photograph up beneath the womens skirt without her consent.
by Kuriologist June 17, 2018
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To scratch ones crotch similar to scrotch
Hobsy:did you just look at my crotch
Gregsy: Well you wear choping it so vigourously...
Hobsy:would you like a go
Gregsy: well..

quote from 101 tales of arse buggery
WARNING may not actually be a book
by Jiffy May 05, 2005
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