A car that doesn't have air conditioning so the front windows are down and the driver goes 70 miles per hour to providing cooling for all occupants.
The driver of the old car was accustomed to the 270 air conditioning system.
by Bryan M. July 10, 2006
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A covert way to tell a person to screw them self, or a way to insinuate that a man is literally screwing them self. 270 is the angle of the penis necessary to perform such maneuver, hence the brief and scientifically perfect synonym for an otherwise vulgar gesture. It is also a great way to respond to a person who is bragging about them self.
1. Oh really, did you do that with our without your 270 in action?

2. Really buddy, just go 270 in your room and get it over with. We already know.

3. Hey pal, go 270 yourself. Dry.
by Green eggs and baaaam December 31, 2013
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Marshall has killed 270 Iraq civilians between 2002-2004
Marshall killed 270 Iraq civilians. Eat eeks arms or you will die
by God Clan May 23, 2019
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a 180º turn with a 90º turn...270
by ible September 14, 2003
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An interstate in Maryland that can get backed up at any time even though it is 6 lanes on each side at one point.
It's a miracle, no traffic!
by lazylatvian May 8, 2005
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when you are demonstrating standard position in real life and you smack your ass
imma 270° her.”
by nickithiccie270 October 26, 2019
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A very offensive stunt directed towards muslims. Apparently, if you cut up the shoe into exactly 28.5 pieces, soak them in alkaline solution exactly 3 parts unicorn juice and 19.01 parts car battery juice and bake each piece in a preheated oven at 600 degrees flipping 51 times half way, you will see symbols with resemblance to ‘obama is muslim’.
guy: *wears airmax 270
Muslim: jihad time nigga
by Capt shr00m April 11, 2019
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