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relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less important in shaping public opinion than emotional or personal beliefs.
Post-truth relies solely on personal beliefs and ignores any facts that may conflict with those personal beliefs.
by P-but November 16, 2016
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circumstances in which the truth is no longer reliably known or figured out (due to conflicting sources and the sheer amount of nonsense in the world, for example), and thus debates are often about which "facts" are actually true instead of what they mean or how to put them together.
A prime example of post-truth politics is voter fraud: conservatives and liberals don't debate about how to solve or prevent it, but whether or not it even exists in the first place.
by AdmiralAwesomeness November 21, 2016
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Post truth is where public opinion is shaped more-so by opinion and emotion rather than objective facts. This seems to be a new term, in relation to the whole Trump thing. People act as if public opinion has never been shaped by opinion until now. Welcome to the hell we have all been living until you leftists had your fantasy land bubble popped!

Can we start advocating for inherent rights instead of using government as a weapon against our enemies? Can we think outside of just one issue, and realize if we want freedom in one area we must also support the freedoms of others because why the fuck would someone support your freedom if you don't support theirs? The answer? VOLUNTARYISM.
"These people against Trump act as if this is the first time government might become corrupt. Reality can be a bitch. Now research:Voluntarism, Mark Passio Natural Law seminar, Larken rose. Read and research all of that shit, and you'll see the post-truth has been around a long time, this is the Apocalypse FACTUALLY."
by "MARK PASSIO NATURAL LAW" November 21, 2016
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