Somebody who doesn't know anything
Analysts at the rating agency gave Lehman Brothers an AAA rating.
by hlm666 December 19, 2011
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Prounounced ANALyst

A special in all fields Anal. Anal Sex Rimming etc!!
Tom:- Did you do anything good with that bitch you bedded last night?

Paul:- HELL Yeah. I was muffing her out and she gave me such quality rimjob. Man She is an Analyst!!
by Graham Wallace March 25, 2008
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A completely perfect band that has no flaws and everything you could think of that's in metal.
Check out there song Allegiance by The Analyst :D
by Adam Paynging September 11, 2008
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Anybody who gets paid a hefty sum to sit on their ass in front of a camera and give their "analyzation" of whatever sport under scrutiny. The analyzation usually consists of their own damn opinion. Most sports analysts in todays age consists of an old player of a particular sport because they either 1) need the money, 2) miss seeing their damn face on the tv screen, or 3) miss getting hot pussy with no effort.
Every mindless fuck could be a sports analyst in today's world.
by atmag06 May 28, 2005
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An individual who uses their nose as a multifunctional device. They recognise people or objects by smelling them. They also use their noses to breathe. They can even read text with their nostrils.
I saw this Nasal analyst in the carpet shop, he was sniffing the fabric guide. He actually bought a carpet with his nose!
by TurtleCracker93 January 2, 2014
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Someone who speaks a lot, only reads headlines and who isn't allowed to read reports beyond the first page. It also helps to be extra dramatic when talking about stock price movements. Portfolio analysts also tend to be obsessed with oil prices early in the morning
I don't know anything about this company but it looks like a short, just my portfolio analyst view.
by Junior Pakun January 31, 2018
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