The laws made by the government in a democracy. This area of the government is known as the "Parliament."
The new legislation has today passed and it will be effective immediately.
by Legislation September 22, 2006
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One who authors and approves legislation on behalf of the populace, usually a representative such as a congressman or senator.

See conflict of interest and self-serving.
In a democracy, the authority to author and approve legislation would reside with the people. However, that would not be conducive to the job security of lawyers and politicians, so legislators make sure it isn't done that way.
by Downstrike May 22, 2004
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The law making party that works for lobbyists. Often times, citizens need to fight this party in an attempt to keep some of our most basic freedoms.
Music industry paid legislation to have the internet censored, because Lil Wayne can only afford 3 Maybachs.
by Ralph321 January 18, 2012
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A term used by people of high political status, such as a mayor, a chief, a selectman, a representative, a president, what have you. This term is commonly used to be synonymous with "I have to poop", but this version is used to make conversation less awkward.
Barack Obama leaned over to Vladimir Putin during an interview and said "Pardon me, I have to uuuuh...well, let's just say I should be passing legislation."
by Skanago:g December 29, 2015
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1 - v.) Cutting someone/Being cut off by someone on the street/expressway (Must be used in a horrible Sean Connery imitation)

2 - v.) also see pass a bill through Congress
1) "You can pass legislation, but you do so without my permission, asshole!"

2) "Excuse me whilst I pass legistlation"
by muskaLipman January 12, 2005
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To take a shit. In particular a big or nasty shit. To diarrhea.

What congress does (especially U.S. Congress).
Q: What are you doing in there? It stinks like hell.

A: I just passed some serious legislation.


A: passing legislation.
by Dekularay July 2, 2010
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