52 definitions by Dom

1. when buying drugs in the hood and you hit the gas to leave
1.yo 5.0 pull off pull off
by dom November 15, 2004
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Food, another word from grub
Yo im getting sum gip be right back
by dom March 11, 2005
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Synonomous with God and / or Jesus
Holy Shit! Its Inoue! Lets all bow down to him!
by Dom March 16, 2005
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erection (of penis)
I cant stand up I have a scone
by Dom October 09, 2003
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another word for a woman's twat/pussy/minge/cunt/fuckhole/fanny/ orifice/vag/vagina/slit/etc...
Olivia's shaven bejesus
by Dom February 10, 2004
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to possess an extreme competitive side, especially with regard to sport. Given to Maloney, otherwise known as World Series. Similar to competitive
Maloney, stop being so World Series.
by dom February 24, 2005
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brooklyn guy is gay he aint from brooklyn he lives up in ottisville and milks cows bensonhurst is mostly italian but has no more racial conflicts so get your mind rite!
say word brooklyns finest east 5th and ft hamilton represent!!!!!!!!!!
by dom November 20, 2004
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