A question raised when presented with a shocking or almost unbelievable statement. Could also represent a statement used to determine the trustworthiness of the speaker.
Note: 'say word' functions as a rhetorical question. 'Word' is not an appropriate answer to the question
Shawn: "Yo,I heard that Trevor came out of the closet last night"
Ben: "say word?"
Shawn: "no lie"
by Laky April 27, 2008
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When you hear something, but you don't believe it, usually out of shock.
Kyle : Soulja Boy justed died today! He forgot to wear his bpv.

Michael : Say Word?!

Kyle : I'm dead ass...

Michael : GOOD! Now I can listen to singers/rappers with actual talent, like Lupe Fiasco, and Leona Lewis!
by metallkidd93 March 25, 2008
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It means "really??" or "no way!!"
Me: "She was talkin' mad shit bout me"
My Girl: "Say word!"
by Symone..AKA Ill NANA December 17, 2003
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when your talking to someone and they say something that you agree with or you could be surprised, spread the word ya heard
That was the hottest guy i've ever seen.
Say word?
by HOLLA AT A WHITE GIRL March 13, 2003
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it means like "say what?" or like "oh my god!!!???"
white chick : you are the worst person to have sex with!!!
Black chick: say word!!!???
by penis magoo March 25, 2008
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meaning- "for real?" this phrase is most commonly used by people with the nickname of " SKIP ".if used for every away message others will be annoyed.
Boat: whats good skip?
Skip: nuttin dogg.
Boat:yo i fucked that bitch last night.
Skip: "say word?"
by "Boat". aka. " Lil Lip" January 30, 2006
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A certain way that you can answer your cell when you are in a major rush. You have no time to mess around with proper greetings. If the person calling does not say words quickly enough, you hang up. They can try again later.
*Ring Ring Ring*
You: "Say Words!"
Caller: *Silence for 5 seconds*
You: *Click - Hangs Up Phone*

*Ring Ring Ring*
You: "Say Words"
Caller: "Hey loser, did you hang up on me earlier?"
You: "Hell yes I did, you know when I answer "Say Words" that I'm not messing around."
Caller: "Damn, I forgot about that."
by SeaofSapphires May 11, 2008
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