a day dreamer, someone who thinks he is someone else.
See that boy he is charlied
by Dom October 08, 2003
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to discolor something, not intentionally, yet moronically none-the-less.
Steve sure charlied Shawn's boat with that stupid fucking self-tanning cream.
by Dano April 16, 2003
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A Stupid Fucking Game Where You Put Two Pencils Onto A Piece Of Paper And Watch To See If They Move. Most Commonly Played By Retards In Elementary Through Middle School.
"Woah dude, have you heard of Charlie Charlie? It's that one game where you FUCKING STARE AT PENCILS. DOESN'T THAT SOUND FUN???"
by DudeManBroManGuy June 17, 2015
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may be known as charlie challenge

a game where some group of retards decide to stack some pencils and think its real

then i walk along and ask if i can join
when they ask a question like
"are you there?"
i blow the pencil but it looks like im just watching
then after someone finds out i rip the fucking paper and yell that they are all retarded
fuck off charlie charlie is fucking retarded
by Kyle,that random guy. November 30, 2017
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