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a section of brooklyn between dyker heights and gravesend. its population consists of predominatly italian and chinese working class people. you can also get the best slice of pizza there, with some of the best italian restaurants in tha city.
bensonhurst aint to welcoming to black people
by brooklynkid March 24, 2005
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A neighborhood in (sort of south-west) Brooklyn, New York. Inhabited by mostly Italian, Jewish, and Chinese residents, and more from Europe, The Mediterranean, and more. It is true that it's not that welcoming to dark skinned people (Shh. It IS true, unless you're a tanned Italian ect.). Bensonhurst is located between Dyker Heights, Midwood, and Gravesend (that general area).
a) The people in Bensonhurst can give you cold stares until you feel nothing but hate inside.

b) Bensonhurst would be a nice place to settle down, if you fit in.
by *Bee* August 13, 2006
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A division of the south-western aka safe parts of the borough Brooklyn. Home to many Italians as well as Chinese, and Jews...however it is NOT to be mistaken with its bordering neighborhood Borough Park aka "Jewville" to the north. Though Bensonhurst at one time was predominantly white, many chinese took over when a lot of the whites left for Staten Island or New Jersey. If you live in Bensonhurst you are most likely familiar with the N and D trains. Chances are if you live in Bensonhurst you will be known among the general public eye and get stared at at the worst. You won't have to worry about being shot or raped there like you would in north-eastern Brooklyn. If you see a black or hispanic person in Bensonhurst, the chances are they do not live there or should not be there.
What are these niggers doing here?! This is BENSONHURST!....not Crown Heights!
by AlexGaba May 19, 2009
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