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Viagra - comes from the appearance of four tablets on the foil-wrapped card. Also punning on British girl band Four of Diamonds
'How can that old guy manage it with that young chick?'
'He's playing the four of diamonds.'
'Doing it with the Four of Diamonds must be fun!'
by DippiusDappus July 24, 2020
A long jacket; between a jacket and a coat. Usually refers to a military tunic being worn without a belt.
Charlie was wearing a joat he'd picked up in the army surplus.
by DippiusDappus March 17, 2017
The lack of business that forces an escort downmarket
'Remember Louella? She used to charge $250 as an iprondependent. Now she's in Diamond Girls at $60 a throw.'
'Dusty phone I reckon.'
by DippiusDappus July 30, 2020
He used his teaching qualification to go shitholing in inner city schools.
by DippiusDappus November 27, 2021
'Bill, you left a floater in there! You could at least have put some paper on top!'
'I flushed it twice. It must be a king among floaters!'
by DippiusDappus July 30, 2020
You can't go to the office in those railroad tracks, Bill! Thanks for offereing to iron your own pants, but if they turn out like that you'd better leave it to me.
by DippiusDappus May 21, 2021
British slang - after Michael Palin, tv personality. A travel bore.
It was a terrific party until I was cornered by this ghastly Palin who was whittering on about his visit to Kamchatka.
by DippiusDappus January 30, 2022