Kamchatka Vodka is a vodka that’s notable for being dirt cheap. It’s only about $12 a handle in Ohio, and it’s the standard 80 proof. Tastes like paint thinner mixed with iron fillings - it’s straight up horrendous, but you’re not buying this to enjoy drinking it.

Affectionately known as “shitty K.” Kamchatka is a staple in the diet of any college student or alcoholic.
Keith: hey dude you got any alcohol?
Ryan: yeah I got a handle of Kamchatka
Keith: you really couldn’t pay the extra $3 for Smirnoff? I’m going to want to kill myself the entire time we’re drinkimg
by Anal Intruder 519 November 19, 2017
A large potato usually found at funnerals or other celebrational gatherings.
"OK. Who put the kamchatka in Dead Sam's pants?
No im serious!"
by Ne!l October 28, 2006
An alcoholic mixed drink. The background to this drink originates from the kamchatka peninsula and archipelago that lies between Russia and Japan.

Based on the traditional White Russian, this drink blends the best Russian alcohol (Vodka) with the finest non-dairy beverage (soymilk) from Asia and the globally appreciated, non-denominational Kahlua.

The kamchatka captures the essence of these two ancient civilizations in one amazing drink for the discerning vegan/lactose intolerant connoisseur of fine mixed drinks.
Excuse me bar tender, I'll have another kamchatka! What? Oh yes! That is a bird tattoo on my arm, and yes I'm a hipster, bike mechanic from Portland, Oregon ... but could you get me my F$#king Kamchatka, I want to get drunk!
by happyhippy123 March 17, 2013
Kamchatka can refer to a person who is a dumbass or being dumb for attention as it will compare them to the SS Kamchatka a very dumb ship which did stupid shit for attention
Damn bro you’re really being a Kamchatka right now
by TheManThatPacs January 26, 2021