The auto correction for the word fucktard on an iphone.
Typing: He is such a fucktard (duchess)x.

What i meant: He is such a fucktard.
by piruguru January 25, 2011
a square headed fellow , remenisent of Ram-Man. prone to injury
lukes a proper duchess
by baggy man March 29, 2005
A fast food restaraunt found all over Connecticut. Natural habitat of irratible Mexicans. They make all their food to order, although one must be willing to wait a long time for the sluggish employees to deliver it. Also a habitat for elderly ladies and roaches. The drive thru is a great place to spend an hour of your day.

The cooks at Duchess don't speak English.

The heat doesn't work at Duchess.
"Daym Chris we need a better job"
"But then we'd have to do work"

That old lady is going to Duchess.

That guy doesn't speak English, so they'll probably make him a manager.
by Pinto March 9, 2004
Commonly autocorrected as douche. A person, especially female who has very shapely ears and nice hair
Lady Galadriel was such a douche. Oops. Duchess
by crazyabdu December 25, 2014
to eavesdrop on someone at a computer by putting your chin on their shoulder
(derives from the Duchess resting her shin on Alice's shoulder in Alice in Wonderland
Stop duchessing me, Wyatt! You can have the computer in a minute!
by DippiusDappus October 10, 2017
a girl about 4'10 with brown hair and brown eyes and an IQ above average; she can bring joy to the world or destroy it in the same breath.
I am a duchess
by The Duchess February 1, 2004
1. Wife of a duke.

2. Track #9 from 'The Raven'.
1. The dukes new wife is hot!

2. Did you see the 'duchess' video - them shade wearing meninblack are funny!
by Dick Splash November 16, 2003