term used in london which means ripped off or conned.
it cost me a lot more in the store down the road, i was skanked.
by Anonymous March 5, 2003
When you steal or take somthing from sombody! usealy said as takeing or after takeing the desired object!
"hahaha, Skanked!"
"you so just got Skanked!"
by Cassie Montgomery October 1, 2003
being both "stoned" and "tanked" at the same time.
I drank a few beers and smoked a joint and I was "skanked"
by nora cheesecake July 4, 2005
To have resorted to having sex with a skank after exhausting all resources.
Dude, none of my honeys were down, so I had to get skanked!
by A. A. Ron May 8, 2005
To insult someone when usualy when they are walking down the road and the skanker is in a car.
I was walking home from the bar when someone called me a ball licker. He skanked me for no reason
by p July 1, 2003
A look from a female which is comprised of raising one eye brow and tilting her head so that one eye is closer to you and grimace
I walked into my married friend’s house and said, "Let’s go find some ladies." Needless to say my friend’s wife skanked me.
by Ben Phillips February 4, 2005