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Ase is a Yoruba word; Ise is an Igbo word; Amen is an ancient Kemetic/Egyptian/Afrikan word. They are all words of affirmation and/or agreement, which are said at the end of prayers or hymns. All three words share the same meaning(s), namely; 'so be it', 'may it be so' or 'so shall it be'.
Happy people attract happy people...ase 🙌🏾
by Dilemmas.co October 15, 2020
WordPress is basically a factory that makes webpages. It is a free content management system used to build and maintain websites.

There are many other platforms that can be used to create a website, however, the stats show that WordPress is the most popular by far. In fact, the top 10,000 sites in the world use it more than any other option.

The technology behind WordPress allows any person off the street with no technical experience to design and build a website. Its open-source environment allows talented web developers from all over the world to continuously add contributions to its technology.

Microsoft – is one of the biggest companies in the world and it uses WordPress for its official blog.


Starting a WordPress website is very easy, even for a beginner.
by Dilemmas.co February 9, 2021
A way of saying something or someone was found. Usually, it is when the masses gain knowledge of the person, product, or information. It is obviously past tense for "discover". A person that has been discovered is already known by a small group of people. Examples of a small group could be people in their neighborhood or people with specialized knowledge in a particular area. However, when a celebrity or a person of influence promotes them, that is when they are considered "discovered".

Individuals also say they discovered a product. Like when they are the first in their immediate circle to have knowledge of the product.

You could hear about a really good product from a friend out of town, then buy it and start using it. Once you introduce it to your group of friends and family and it gains popularity, you will be known as the person that discovered that product.
Did you know that Usher discovered Justin Bieber?


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by Dilemmas.co February 7, 2021
It is a way to make money by referring products on someone else's website to your personal audience or friends.

It's one of the easiest ways to get started making money online because you don't have to create your own products. You can simply practice getting people to buy products that you already use.

An example is proving a list of the top 10 blenders for sale in the USA and having a link to buy each blender at Target, Kohl's, or Macy's. You will get referral fee from those retailers of 1-10% usually.
I am making an extra $500 per month on my new affiliate marketing website.
by Dilemmas.co November 13, 2020
This is another way of saying you slept really well. People feel like they had good sleep when they obtain deep sleep. Deep Sleep is one of the 4 sleep cycles and some think it is one of the most important. Since logs do not move by themselves once placed on the ground, to sleep like a log is sleeping so good that you do not move.

A similar saying to "sleep like a log" is "slept like a baby". Both are ways of saying you slept undisturbed throughout the night.

The opposite is when someone says they tossed and turned all night. This is not sleeping like a log. You are moving all over the place which means you are not getting quality sleep. It is likely you are getting light sleep vs deep sleep. This is when people wake up still feeling tired.
Oh, you can't sleep? Take some melatonin and you will sleep like a log.
Dang, I can't believe it is morning already. I sleeping like a log last night.
by Dilemmas.co February 9, 2021
It is when two people come together and choose to do what is best for their unit over each individual. Marriage is a legal contract that two parties make with each other and there are penalties for not continuously working on the marriage like you would a garden. Weeds will come in and plants will die if you don't water the garden. Same with a marriage. Both parties must work to keep each other happy and treat each other nice regardless of what tough times they are experiencing individually. Life is no longer just about you, it is about the team. When this happens, you will know you are in a real marriage.
We are in this marriage for the long run so we don't worry about the little things
by Dilemmas.co November 13, 2020
When someone clings to the opinions in their head despite the facts. Often times these people do not want to measure the accuracy of their opinions and believe their situation is overly unique.
Tom is delusional, he thinks he is the best parent in the world but his kid is 4 years old and cant spell his own name.
by Dilemmas.co November 16, 2020