to break into small fragments or crumbs
Look,Syria streets crumbling after the Russian air strikes
by bnazy February 8, 2016
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1. The feeling you have when everything is crumbling around you or when you have the feeling that it is.
2. Another word for depression or a sense of impending doom
Gordon: Gosh I just feel like everythings crumbling around me
Dr. Coomer: Oh dear Gordon, that sounds serious. You may have come down with a case of "The Crumbles"
by Bertrahm September 8, 2022
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That crumbly smells like oatmeal, butterscotch and cat pee.
by eringibby January 10, 2010
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Verb - to crumble.
The disappointing act of giving up on one's intentions, usually at the very last minute. This usually involves peer pressure or just a total lack of backbone.

Adjective - to describe a person who is likely to crumble often. e.g. 'That guy is a right crumble'.

Sometimes this adjective becomes a nickname as such, but this is only ever used when someone is a notorious crumble.
*2 weeks to the night out*
Nick: "You coming out in 2 weeks, Don?"
Rose: "Yeah, sure"

*2 minutes to night out*
Nick: "What time do you wanna head off, Don?"
Rose: "Not going, sorry......"

----- (This can work the opposite way round too) ------

Juan: "Nock, I thought you weren't coming out tonight? You said "I can't come out tonight, I'm trying to be healthy and don't want to feel rough tomorrow", but you're here!?"
Nock: "Ermm..."
Juan: "Mate, you propa crumbled!"
by AppleAvenger123 January 29, 2010
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to break, be destroyed or to shatter into several pieces; to leave, to think, to feel, to associate oneself with sexually, to taste and/or lick, to be raped by, to acquire, to call, to enjoy, to desire.
"Sorry, I have to crumble off the phone now."

"Did you hear about Mr. H, the rapist social studies teacher? I heard he crumbled like 2 squillion kids' biscuits!"
by Crumblerrr January 6, 2009
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Too pissed to know whats goin on. Cant do anything without stumbling and falling over.

A sense of your mind crumbling away into nothing.
by MajorFool May 24, 2007
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Another word to call old people. Crumblies is the funniest word to ever call old people.
Me: "Whoa! Look at those crumblies!"
Crumblies: "why we outta catch you and kik ur arse!"
by CoCoNutBongoMan November 3, 2005
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