ABC's Castle, a television show starring Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle and Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett. Also known as 40minutes in which over half is Stana Katic/Katherine Beckett Hairporn.
Did you see the latest episode of Castle?
Yeah, that was some good Hairporn!
by Asharlee August 5, 2011
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That guy in the group who says some gay shit then turns around and says "what? I mean".
Guy 1: Ayeee wassup bro! How you been?

Guy 2: Bro i've been great god I swear I love you I mean um what?

Guy 1: bro you're such a Castle
by Ghostly484 February 13, 2020
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Home, shack, casa or crib. Where you live. Even if you don't live in a castle (which most of us don't.)
"We can straight up chill at my castle yo."

"I wanna take you back to my castle baby."
by Katie Slim [Be-Bop] December 30, 2008
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Other pronunciations: temple.

Where the goddamn Light Warriors are going.
"Temple of Fiends."

"But that's a temple, not a castle."

"A temple's a kind of castle"

"That's all this book says. Over and Over, for hundreds of pages.

Yes. I know.

How foolish of me.

Yes. I know."
by The Entertainer May 13, 2010
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Verb (to castle)

The act of supplementing one’s pint of ale or stout with some form of hard spirit, traditionally a whisky. The glass containing spirit sits alongside the pint, separately.

A punter of a drinking establishment who has a pint and a separate spirit on the go, simultaneously, is said to be drinking "castle kingside".

The term is derived from the chess move of the same name, whereby the king is moved two squares towards a rook (castle) on the player's first rank, then the rook is moved to the square over which the king crossed. The outcome leaves the king and rook side-by-side.
Josh: “You getting another round in Tom?”

Tom: “Yeah mate, same again?”

Josh: “Yeah. Castle mine if you will. I’ll slip you a fiver later.”
by thebigthree March 8, 2020
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A castle is a large stone structure used in midieval times to protect against an oncoming force. Most lords and knights had one. Although castles were built to accomodate all of the people of the land in case of an invasion, people seldom lived in them, as they were cold, damp, and dreary.

In this day and age, though, it is possible to build a castle that is quite comfy to live in thanks to modern tecnology.

Most people who live in castles also have a collection of swords.
Oh, no! The Black Knights are attacking! Quickly, let us hasten to our castle to defend against this menace!
by EpicTFOL July 8, 2012
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The slang nickname for the tallest building in tilted towers in the game fortnite
“Where we dropping boiss!?”
“How about the castle?”
“No, tilted towers is where the gay tryhards go, and we aren’t tryhards yet.”
by Lil Trump March 30, 2018
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