When a female is being visited by her "aunt flow" (period) and you decide to go down on her like a fucking vampire.
My bitchy girlfriend was on her period, so to shut her bitch-ass up I made her cum with the Count Dracula
by Ojizzum March 23, 2009
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When you stick it in her butt, nut, bite her on the neck and leave
Man I did the Count Dracula and she got pissed.
by Bolony1 May 21, 2019
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Eastern european monarch who pioneered research in the fields of in-vitro fertilization and the bat-winged feminine hygeine products.
Thanks to the work of Sperm Count Dracula, Sofia was able to give birth to a Downs syndrome child at the age of fifty and maintain her cotton panties in a near pristine state of whiteness.
by scut monkey August 8, 2009
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The guy that brings the whole party down because the ratio is off. Also likely a cockblocker...
"The sausage party was going swimmingly until Sperm Count Dracula showed up"
by Dan Scum November 2, 2013
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