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You scummer
by Daz April 2, 2004
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To be obviously mad and very crazy. Especially in public places. To be sane challenged.
The tramp just ran at me screaming with his guitar in one hand and half bottle of white lightening in the other, I just stood there petrefied, however once he had reached me he simply leant across and asked me for 5 pence. He was, for sure Spippy Kwazz.
by Daz September 19, 2004
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flap of skin dividing a womans pussy and her arse hole
jany likes me to cross the stinky bridge
by Daz July 26, 2004
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Political Wing On The Irish Catholic Terrorists Called The IRA
Apologists For Terrorism
by Daz March 2, 2005
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To own something small and slighly pathetic.
You should have seen that porno, he was talking the talking and walking the walk, but as soon as he whipped out his Crunné on it was Mansarino, she didn't know whether to stick a cocktail stick through it or suck it.

My car is Mansarino, it broke down 8 times on the way to Andorra.
by Daz September 22, 2004
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boobs that have hence since dropped unetrievably south...
'my god, that 85 yr old woman would be so fuckable if it wasn't for her 3 foot saggies'
by Daz October 24, 2004
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a dude who lives in kent and shags computers, lil mofo. it never used 2 b a hard drive...
you: hello, u aint been a platty again hav u?
friend: sorry the usb was irresistable
by Daz January 4, 2005
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