A word typically used in the city of yonkers to describe someone whos corny as hell.
Ex usually refers to childish fuckboys who show off infront of friends

Ex : idk why im always fucking with wing niggas
by Yonkers1234 March 1, 2018
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Wing : Verb

To not try your hardest doing something; to try random things and hope you will suceed. Usuallly because of low probability of trying hard and suceeding.
Man, im just gonna wing it on the English test. I didnt study at all!
by jk32 November 18, 2009
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This person is a handsome, smart and fabulous person. A unique man who will never be defeated, and also so ATTRACTIVE UwU! A woman falls immediatly in love with him, just with a single glance.
Wing is the type of guy that you will be jealous of...
Friend: Damn, this guy's so strong; and his 8 packs though...
Other: And look at him, he's so handsome!
Friend: Yeah, I wish I was Wing
by a wise truth teller March 25, 2021
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Rufus: Yo, run wing so I can holla at Portia.
Cornelius: I ran wing last night, it's your turn.
by wittc December 11, 2008
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Similar to cuffing someone, making them your main guy or chick, putting them under your wings, watching over them loving them, just giving them the best ever!
If I was your girl I would wing you like no other.
by L0v3h8tr February 8, 2010
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Someone with little or no game.
Someone acting like a pawn
someone who is a square
Also look up a lame
Being a "lame" is alot like being a "wing"
you use it to refer to someone like "this fucking winG"
with empahsis on wing
"you fucking WING"
by UGHHH September 7, 2006
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An automotive wing is a device attatched to the rear end of a vehicle to improve the down force of the rear wheels. Often it is confused with a spoiler, which simply changes the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle, but doesnt provide enough change to apply any downwards force.

Another misconseption is the uselessness of them on front-wheel drive ricers. Though often improperly installed, the actual 'wing' part can sometimes be reversed, depending on manufacturer, to reduce drag on the backside of the car, making it lighter, and applying more force to the front wheels.
The other day, I saw some idiot ricer sporting wal-mart spinners, and a unneccissarily large wing
by EDOLZ December 12, 2008
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