Christian did the stinky with a girl last night.

That’s my boy!
by Concerned Aztec March 28, 2020
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Le monke: Uh oh... I think I made a poopy!!!! Hahaha stinky! Poopy funny!
by I Love Dicks Sporting Goods October 17, 2019
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The end result of flatulence, only much more intense than normal. May be used by kids to indicate a smelly blast of this type. Also spelled "stinkey."
Excuse me, someone just let off a stinkie!
by ReverseHaloEffect April 27, 2006
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Dirty money, money made from hustling or made illegally.

Listen to Clipse's song "Dirty Money" on Hell Hath No Fury
Hey girl i got mad stinkies, wanna earn some.
by Sikwitit24Seven February 5, 2007
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the person you love. Someone your passionate about.
by Glazar July 27, 2006
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