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The act of getting extremely inebriated on Rumple Minze
I will never eat or drink ANYTHING peppermint flavored again... 27 shots left me Rumplefucked!
by DanoNYC May 7, 2009
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Much like 'last call' in a bar, this is when you're notified of a past opportunity where someone once had interest in hooking up, but you were unaware.
I ran into my high school lab partner. She's married now, but told me how much she wished I made a move back then. How's that for a past call?
by DanoNYC April 25, 2010
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-Used to describe being sandwiched between two stupid, cheap, drunk or otherwise undesirable people

Reference to Monopoly's first Community Chest space between Baltic and Mediterranean (the two cheapest properties)
When sitting at a bar and you're flanked by ugly people or losers on both sides: "How the hell did I become FirstChest?"
by DanoNYC September 30, 2009
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The ability to unintentionally and involuntarily attract nothing but douchebags.
"She turned out to be a loser too. I must be extra douchenetic this week or something."
by DanoNYC January 13, 2010
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Similar to a sycophant, a lickophant gets what she/he wants by orally pleasuring someone for personal gain
"That lickophant was so quick to get what she wanted, she didn't even bother with kneepads"
by DanoNYC September 20, 2011
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Someone who drives another to drink.
At a time where being an influencer became a thing, a Ginfluencer has existed for decades.
It's not that I enjoy drinking, it's just that I'm dating a Ginfluencer.
by DanoNYC April 16, 2021
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The art of flinging ones bodily fluids at another person or object, with a sharp flick of the wrist. Created in honor of Miggs in Silence of the Lambs for his semen-flinging scene
After I masturbated, I Miggs'd her in the grill with my nut
by DanoNYC August 27, 2006
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