23 definitions by DanoNYC

Affection shown based solely on one's inebriation
That woman at Nightcrawler's was all over you last night.
- Nah, she wasn't into me. She was just being drunkfectionate.
by DanoNYC November 3, 2010
Description of a (often average) food or beverage, artificially enhanced by the use of marijuana.
Fratboy: "Dude. This is the most stonedalicious toast I've ever eaten!"
by DanoNYC February 27, 2007
When you just so happen to be in a situation where an understandable stench masks a less socially acceptable one emanated within close proximity.
Roger: "Hey Dano, check it out. I just broke wind while I was talking to that cop, but we were standing right by the sewer, so I was covered by stinkronicity"
by DanoNYC March 3, 2010
The act of diminishing the fun time had by others, either by design or circumstance.

See also: funjacker and funjacked
I thought we'd never stop laughing, but then Dave's stupidity was a sudden funjack
by DanoNYC June 22, 2011
The poverty level of having no more fucks to give, to the point of FuckBankruptcy.

A superlative form of out of fucks
Friend: Yesterday, I didn't give a fuck. Today, I'm all out of fucks.
Me: You're barking up the wrong tree. I've been fuckbroke since '98.
by DanoNYC February 5, 2016
The act of getting extremely inebriated on Rumple Minze
I will never eat or drink ANYTHING peppermint flavored again... 27 shots left me Rumplefucked!
by DanoNYC May 7, 2009