1. A German-style liqueur brand known for their peppermint flavored schnapps.

2. A sex act involving a peppermint. A peppermint is slightly inserted into a person's sphincter to be licked until it completely dissolves, thus providing the ultimate rim job.

Can be done with either a traditional red and white peppermint, or on occasions where the lickee's hind quarters may be less than pristine, with a green and brown mint.

This activity is best enjoyed after consuming copious quantities of Rumple Minze.
Yo, dude, last night we went to the C&D Café and Nasty Steve overserved us on Rumple Minze. When we got home we were feeling frisky yet still desiring some minty goodness, so we totally rumple minzed in at least 3 different places in my apartment. My tongue was numb, but it was totally awesome!
by LickY0Azz September 7, 2009
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