5 definitions by DaniCapi12

1.Manifestation of Torture
2.Unoficial Technoblade Meme
(1)-bro lemme audio balance, k?
(1)-da fak
by DaniCapi12 October 24, 2020
No matter where you are from it's the hardest grade. Thankfully for most it's not that important. Most.... EXCEPT FOR FUCKING BULGARIA, YOU BASTARDS. FOR EVERY FUCKING OTHER COUNTRY IT'S 9TH, BUT NOO, IT HAD TO BE 7TH GRADE. Sorry for that. But why would you give a ducking 14 year old, a life changing decision.
8th Grader: Hey what grade u at
Poor soul: 7th Grade
8th Grader: Im sorry
by DaniCapi12 February 1, 2021
What slavic kids use when there are adults around. The family friendly equivalent of yelling "HE BE GAY THO"
2ng Grader - "Yo Ivan f-d tha female ova there"
1st Grader - "Педехраст"
9nt Grader - "The fuck"
by DaniCapi12 November 24, 2020
When you ussualy play it dumb, so when you fuck up you have a getaway.
-Dani is always a scared bitch infront of the teachers
-I know its his Personality Getaway
by DaniCapi12 November 24, 2020
Technoblade's fourth worst enemy, after calculus, dream and skeppy
by DaniCapi12 January 17, 2021