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Good with the ladies. Typically religious. Strong, athletic, and smart. Can definitely dress, plays sports, very athletic. Have a mind of his own. Not easily influenced. Females tend to be attracted to him. Bit of a prodigy. Can easily peek game. Most of all, very loyal.
Wow your lucky to be with an Immanuel, he's one of a kind!
by πŸ”₯ROYALTYπŸ”₯ March 14, 2017
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an Immanuel is a well hung male. typically Jewish. never short. sometimes awkward. bit of a ladies man. loves meat. prodigious at something, usually art or design, sometimes music or sports. poetic. stubborn. annoying. immature. quick learners. quiet. suck up. good dresser. unattached to people. watch out though - as amazing as Immanuels are, they often manipulate. also are fickle.
"omg that's amazing! how does he do that?!"

"oh that's just Immanuel"
by new1 August 05, 2009
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A person who is socially awkward and who is scared to talk to girls. He is normally excluding himself at all times.
"Who is that kid? He's so awkward!"
"Oh that's an Immanuel"
by Jesus LOL Christ May 26, 2009
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Immanuel is an ugly nigga who lives in a white mans area as a slave Immanuel is downgraded version of Emmanuel
Immanuel is nothing compared to Emmanuel
by Jacksmith123446688 August 30, 2018
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